Quickstep FUN !!

No wonder I get exhausted.  I am not a runner.. I do however quickstep!

No wonder I get exhausted. I am not a runner.. I do however quickstep!

 Dancing is the love of mylife!  Right now I am focusing on Ballroom dancing.. I often wonder if I had chosen earlier in life would I have been doing ALL sorts of other types of dancing. There is something about listening to the music, following a good lead, that is just great harmony!   I can feel the endorphins kick in within a few seconds of a good song (and with a great dancer – but this one isn’t the most important), the most important is being on rythm.   It is a wonderful addiction! Now I posted a photo. I am in no way saying that I leap like that in my quick step — my heart does !  I am still learning some of the basics of dance but it is fun — all of it.  Even with all the fears that come up, the worry about performing, messing up and feeling stupid etc.. it is still fun.  I lose myself.  And where I can’t shake my self conscious, shy thoughts… I have recently been using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for this.  GREAT stuff by the way!!  will post more on this shortly!!!  In the mean time – burn those calories without feeling for a second that you are exercising. Dance Dance Dance!!!


About Rebecca J.

As I explore what it means to be a writer, I can't help but think of dancing. Dancing with words, dancing with feelings, dancing with truth and the courage to express it. Dancing with the story present in all of us.
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