Quickstep FUN !!

No wonder I get exhausted.  I am not a runner.. I do however quickstep!

No wonder I get exhausted. I am not a runner.. I do however quickstep!

 Dancing is the love of mylife!  Right now I am focusing on Ballroom dancing.. I often wonder if I had chosen earlier in life would I have been doing ALL sorts of other types of dancing. There is something about listening to the music, following a good lead, that is just great harmony!   I can feel the endorphins kick in within a few seconds of a good song (and with a great dancer – but this one isn’t the most important), the most important is being on rythm.   It is a wonderful addiction! Now I posted a photo. I am in no way saying that I leap like that in my quick step — my heart does !  I am still learning some of the basics of dance but it is fun — all of it.  Even with all the fears that come up, the worry about performing, messing up and feeling stupid etc.. it is still fun.  I lose myself.  And where I can’t shake my self conscious, shy thoughts… I have recently been using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for this.  GREAT stuff by the way!!  will post more on this shortly!!!  In the mean time – burn those calories without feeling for a second that you are exercising. Dance Dance Dance!!!

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Eating Crow

Swallow your pride occasionally, it’s not fattening. Frank Tyger

It’s true it isn’t fattening – Brussel sprouts aren’t either – that doesn’t mean I enjoy eating them.

No one likes being put in their place – that’s for sure…but as I have grown emotionally – maybe the right word is matured (as in a fine wine — or smelly cheese if I stick with the eating analogy), I have learned to appreciate that bitterness can be a flavor that has its place.

When I was younger, I would just get angry and try to be right and justify and make all sorts of excuses – because I could not accept some things. I like truth. I still do. I would act out and be righteous too! I am smart and a good thinker so of course I was right. How dare you NOT see that !!! Come on — I mean COME ON!!! I am intuitive. I see and observe a great deal. I would often see and notice many things that others would not. I formulated, what I now call ‘my theories’ about people and events and how things should be.

I am good at it. Maybe that is why I like to ruminate and write. More theories – yummy.

Turns out that my theories are actually just stories from my point of view and assessed from my version of truth (key word here — MY). What I did not realize in my ‘story making’ was that it was one-sided – my side. And as rich as I can be with my thoughts and emotions – others can be too… usually ARE too. Although as I sit here and type, I would argue that my versions are usually pretty insightful (see my righteous edge is still here)… Sorry I can’t help myself.

However, once in a while – usually in a heated argument – but not always – sometimes it is during a conversation with that wine and smelly cheese I mentioned earlier. I hear something that shifts me. In the argument scenario, it usually hits me.
Something that shifts my truth – in a way that slaps the righteous gremlin inside me. I realize that there is an internal energetic shift when I am faced with a truth I did not see, did not want to see. For me it is more often – that I did not see and my system has to adjust that I am ‘wrong’ or mistaken (OH MY!!!) or I learn to see a situation in an entirely new, unexpected way.

Sometimes the ‘shock’ of it – rewires my system in such a way that it reverberates. I have to stop moving, talking and take it in, let it settle into my body, my mind – my earthly features. There is a stillness that settles over me, in me. So that I can let it seep into me.

So there was a time when eating crow was shameful and very difficult to chew and still face someone else… But the fact that I can experience the jolt and quiet seeping shows me that – I have grown – ahem… matured. (Yeah! – Let’s face it NOT an easy feat).

Actually it is a mixed feeling for me now. My true mature adult self is genuinely appreciative – I love the fact that I was jolted into seeing how someone else saw something. I connected. It does remind me that I am not alone.
However, the child in me or maybe my ego still hates pulling feathers out of my teeth. Pthew Pthew – yuck …yuck.
I still need to honor the inner child, sooooo although I like the ‘mini growth spurt’ I would rather not have it at every meal.

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Hello world! – Self confessed quotaholic here…

My goal is to indulge (and share) in my obsession with quotes.. of all kinds.   Day 1

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.”  Tom Clancy

What this is telling me today is that my blog doesn’t have to make sense. I appreciate this – since I am a bit unsure where I am going with this.  As my title indicates.. I like to rambling in my writing.  I chose ‘ruminations’ over ramblings because one of my joys in life is to think very deeply about things.  Some may say philosophize… there might be some truth to that. However Rebecca’s philosophy sounds stodgy (or even maybe like I know something) . When in fact I am just an observer of the world and am naturally inquisitive.  Thoughts and words amuse me – rumination fits a great deal better.  Besides I like the alliteration.

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